A little bit of story…

The ancient Palace of Condes de Luna, today oday known as Hotel Palacio de Tudemir, está situado entre la calle Alfonso XIII, is situated between Alfonso XIII street and the Acequia de Callosa. Builded in the middle of the XVIIIth century by Mr. Luis Roca de Togores y Moncada Rosell y Rocamora, Lord of Benejuzar, is one of the few palaces builded from the XVIIIth century out of the city walls.

…and some of many anecdotes.

In the actual location of the Hotel Boutique Palacio de Tudemir and during the rebuilding works, many arqueological rests from ancient times where found. This way was recovered the only sample of civil gothic architecture in Orihuela; the muslin necropolis, mausoleums and funeral steles (some of this can be visited in the hall of the Hotel).There where recovered also modern ceramic pieces from the XIXth and XXth century, muslim ceramic or coins from the end of the XVIIIth and the begining of the XIXth centuries, elements actually exposed at the Arqueological Museum San Juan de Dios in Orihuela.

In the second floor we can find another wonders like the Rococo style door from the XVIIIth century. Across their hand made glasses is possible to see a well done trompe l’oeil painted on purpose by a modern artist.

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